Ann Lutz

Ballet/Pointe Instructor

I began dancing about 55 years ago at Miss Ann’s Dance in Huntington, New York. After taking a couple of years of ballet and tap, I was only able to select one style and picked ballet, the style that would serve me for a lifetime.

My family moved to Vermont, and I was lucky to find be able to continue to take and student teach there until we moved to Cape Coral, Florida. At Studio Bochette in Ft. Myers, I trained with a strong foundation in technique, worked as an apprentice, and performed with the Lee County Dance Company.

I attended the University of South Florida with a major in dance and ballet concentration in preparation to become a professional dancer. While I was there, I studied under ballet mistresses from the Royal ballet (in England), American Ballet Theater II (New York), and many great modern dance teachers and visiting artists.

Continuing with my love and experience in ballet, I teach ballet and contemporary at Legacy Dance Center. During the summer dance camp, however, I have been known to switch over to offer fitness as performance enhancement for dance, drawing on my expertise as a NASM Master Trainer, youth exercise specialist, and performance enhancement specialist.

My favorite dance choreographed by Wendi was “Don’t Pass Me By” and I was honored to dance in it. For me, it had that Alvin Ailey gospel feel to it (Revelations) and was a great example of Wendi’s versatility and appreciation of all genres.

In my day, Disney was not as popular or available. I grew up in the world of books and Lucy, from the C.S. Lewis’s The Lion, the witch, and the Wardrobe was my favorite character. She was brave, trusting, and had a pure heart. I would trade places with her except for giving up my family and dance family.

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